Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magical Munchies

Um I hope Mrs. Weasley's looked tastier...
Wow, I've been slacking on this little project. I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a month. Whoopsie.  -_-

Anyway, for my first post of July, I thought it fitting to shout out one of my favorite things that is not food - Harry Potter! What with the last movie coming out in a week and July being Harry's birthday month and all, I must say my Potter fever has spiked once again.

One of the aspects of the books that always interested me was, of course, the food. Both the dishes and the preparation seem like so much fun in the Wizarding world. I have very little experience with British fare, so even some of the commonplace, more "Muggle" items - such as treacle tart - seemed exotic. I know that I am not the only one who dreams of being invited to a Hogwarts feast one day. Loads of fantastic food miraculously appearing on the table? Yes, please. Who wouldn't want to grab a pint of Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks if given the chance? And let's not forget about everything in Honeydukes'! (Well, perhaps not the cockroach clusters or acid pops.) Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't go to Hogwarts. I would have eaten myself to death.

Food is magical and I think it was very astute of J.K. Rowling to portray it as such.

Imagine the culinary creations one could produce if chopping could be done by a charmed knife, if all the prep work was as easy as a flick of the wand? Wow. No wonder Molly Weasley could produce giant Golden Snitch birthday cakes at the drop of a wand.

Sigh. Back to the real world. So does anyone know of any good (preferably casual, inexpensive) places for British food in New York? I want to knock another item off of my culinary to-do list! A few months back, I did some online hunting for an appropriate place to celebrate the release of the last film, but I didn't have too much luck. Recommendations, please!

Hmm, time to look up a recipe for that treacle tart, as well....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boogie-Down BBQ

I'm sizzlin'.
Is there anything better than gorging on copious quantities of freshly barbequed meats? I doubt it.

Even though I've been struck down with a dreaded summer cold, I dragged myself off to my beautiful Bronx buddy's much anticipated barbeque yesterday. Worth it? Totally! Three drumsticks, a hot dog (Yes, I finally got one!), an ear of grilled corn, several globs of guac, a mountain of macaroni salad, numerous watemelon chunks and one rib later and I could still go for some more bbq. Sigh.

Living in an apartment, I rarely get the chance to grill anything. Anyone out there have any tips for getting great grill flavor in the confines of the great indoors?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dirty Dog cont'd

Okay, I know this Anthony Weiner's wiener business is being beaten to death, but I have two more cents to add to my previous weenie post. I still haven't had that effin' hot dog yet, by the way.
Ooops! You caught me without my bun on.

Actually, these were BF's two cents and I thought they were brilliant. They happen to go very well with my business idea, too. He thinks that - should I, Mr. Weiner, or anyone ever follow through with the Weiner's Weenies hot dog/ sausage shop - there should be a special combo meal.

The "Anthony" combo: one kosher wiener sans bun, of course, and a (preferably white) Magnum*.

Genius, yes?

Honestly? Would you be too grossed out or too shy to order something like that if it were a legitimate offering at an actual place? Or would you shout out loud and proud for your wiener?

*Please note that in this case, Magnum refers to an ice cream bar, not a prophylactic device for large weenies. We're dirty, but we're not that dirty.